Connor Avery

The names Avery, Connor Avery.

No? Worth a shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the team at Crossfader, I’m the ‘website guy’. A new member of the team, I’m responsible for ensuring the technology we use on the website runs smoothly. Previously to being a member of the team at Crossfader, I had 1-on-1 lessons with Jamie covering everything about DJing.

My interest in DJing stemmed from 2010; I was on holiday with family in Lanzarote. I got talking with a few people at a bar early in the day who were working at the club 928 in Puerto Del Carmen. The DJ introduced himself and invited me down (at this point he hadn’t disclosed he was the DJ). So I took them up on his offer and went to the club. Once I was there, the DJ invited me up to the booth to watch the magic, I was shook – the DJ wants me in the booth!

Amazed at the crowds reactions, the vibes in the atmosphere and the grooving my toes had been doing all that time, I knew I was hooked. For a few years the fondness of DJing didn’t flourish into anything. I had purchased a standalone Numark Mixdeck and tried to learn but failed. Then 2017 happened, Ibiza to be exact. Dancing away early doors at Ocean Beach Club, the DJ was throwing down classics with new house and the whole venue was glowing with happiness. On my way home from Ibiza, I made the decision – find a tutor and learn the skill I want. That’s when Jamie came in!

After excellent tutoring by Jamie, I felt confident enough to purchase the (then just released) Pioneer DDJ-1000 controller and I’m in love! Spinning the 1s & 2s puts me in a great mood no matter the weather. The groove takes over, euphoria fills my brain and my not so great and croakey singing voice belts out the chorus of tracks (truly great listening). Before a night out, I set my controller at home or at a friends and get everyone ready for a party! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪