Traktor – Beginner Online DJ Course

Traktor – Beginner Online DJ Course

Our Beginner Online DJ Course for Traktor users is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming a confident DJ. Wether you own the Traktor S2 MK3 or Traktor S4 MK3 or any other Traktor enabled controller we will teach you the core skills every DJ needs to master and have you mixing in no time.

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Our Beginner Online DJ Course for Traktor users is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming a confident DJ. We will teach you the core skills every DJ needs to master and have you mixing in no time.

From installing the Traktor software & plugging your controller in, to selecting the right music, ready to press play on your first mix. This course will build your confidence and your love for DJing one lesson at a time.

This course contains 22 lessons in which you’ll learn:

Getting Started-
We’ll show you how to plug in and get started on your equipment. We’ll also show you exactly where to download your music and DJ tools and how these are used in the course. Plus we’ll import & organise your music library so its easily accessible when DJing.

Music Theory-
We will teach you how to understand beats, phrasing and timing in your music. This is essential to be able to mix music accurately.

Beat Matching-
No wave forms, no beat counters and no sync. Here we are going to help you master the art of beat matching with only your ears. This is a skill all DJs should learn when starting out and we will give you all the theory, tools and techniques you need to master this.

It’s time to put all the theory and techniques you’ve learned together to start mixing tracks together. We’ll show you where and when to mix, how to use EQ’s and filters plus a few tricks to make your mix sound clean!

Mixer FX-
We’ll introduce you to the Mixer FX and how these can be incorporated into your mixes to make them cleaner and more creative.

We have developed a foolproof way to learn the core DJ skills you will need to master. Inside the course is access to our Crossfader Music and DJ Tools pack.

The music pack contains a variety of exclusive music produced by friends of Crossfader to help you build your library whilst mastering the basics of mixing.

The Crossfader DJ Tools are simple beat loops from various genres to simply the beat matching process and help train your ears.

You can literally load the exact same songs or tools used in every lesson into your software/hardware and follow along step by step.

This has helped hundreds of previous students master the art of beat matching and mixing in no time!

As a Crossfader student you’ll also have access to this courses forum where you can meet and chat with other students and the tutor himself.

This course is suitable for any Traktor enabled controller.

The lessons in this course are filmed using the Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3.

You can take this course if you have any Traktor Pro 3 compatible controller. You can check if your controller is compatible HERE.

If you own the Traktor S5 or S8 we’d recommend starting with our Traktor – Intermediate DJ Course instead. This is because this course has multiple lessons focused around training your ears to be able to manually beat match using the jog wheels, which aren’t featured on these two controllers. You can view this course HERE.

Our dedicated DJ tutor Jamie Hartley started working in the industry as a full time DJ over a decade ago at the age of 16. Since 2014 he’s worked to build Crossfader from a small UK based DJ school where he taught aspiring DJs in his studio, into what you see today, a global online DJ school and community.

From working one to one for years in a studio Jamie has developed foolproof and systematic ways of breaking down DJ skills and techniques so you can master them! A lot of other DJ schools will show you how things work rather than teach you the creative skills needed to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Traktor – Beginner Online DJ Course

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