The Complete Online Scratching Course

The Complete Online Scratching Course

In this course you will learn how to perform a wide range of scratch techniques. From the basics of the baby scratch to 2 click flare’s and transformer scratches plus everything else in between. Not only will you learn each scratch technique by itself but how to combine them together, creating unique patterns and combo’s. Plus learn about different rhythms and timing within music to help make your own combos sound less robotic and more creative!

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Welcome to our complete scratching course for DJs. This course will teach you how to perform everything from basic scratch techniques to advanced combo’s and routines. Learn to scratch with Crossfader! Read on to find out more about this online scratching course…

  • Are you overwhelmed by complex YouTube tutorials?
  • Are you finding it difficult to learn by watching somebody use turntables when you own a controller?
  • Do you want to learn how to actually use scratching as a tool in your DJ sets?
  • Do you find it easier to learn by doing rather than watching?
  • Do you understand how the scratch techniques work, but struggle to come up with your own patterns and combos?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this course is for you!

This course contains 34 lessons in which you’ll learn:

Getting Started-
We’ll show you how to download your Crossfader Scratching tools and beats, and explain how these will be used in the course.

Scratching Techniques-
In our course we cover all of the fundamental scratch techniques such as:
Baby scratch
one click flare
two click flare
forward scratch
+ more
You’ll also learn how to make combos using these scratch techniques.

You’ll learn how to scratch along with different rhythms, from on beat to off beat to double time, whilst performing combos.

Performance Scratching-
We’ll also show you when and how to use scratching in your DJ sets. You’ll learn how to scratch drop mix, how to apply effects to scratching and even remix songs by scratching with acapellas.


We have a music pack for you to download inside the course! It’s full of the scratch samples and beats used in the lessons. With this scratching course you can follow along step by step with the each video tutorial.


We know just how annoying it is to pause, rewind, play and repeat on tutorial videos. That’s why we’ve developed our own ‘Crossfader Scratching Loops’ for you to download. After watching and learning a scratch combo within a lesson just load up the CROSSFADER SCRATCHING LOOP that corresponds to that lesson! You can then practice in real time on your DJ hardware/software.

As a Crossfader student you’ll also have access to this courses forum where you can meet and chat with other students and the tutor himself.

The course has been developed so nearly any DJ with any setup can learn how to master scratching! The course is filmed using a Pioneer DDJ RB controller and the Rekordbox software, but we will show you how to set up your equipment specifically for scratching so you can follow along step by step.

This course is suitable if you’re using a controller with Pioneer’s Rekordbox, Serato DJ Lite/Pro, Virtual DJ, Traktor or Alogoriddim’s DJAY Pro. Also if you own a Pioneer XDJ RX or XDJ RX2 all in one unit, or the Denon Prime series.

Our dedicated DJ tutor Jamie Hartley started working in the industry as a full time DJ over a decade ago at the age of 16. Since 2014 he’s worked to build Crossfader from a small UK based DJ school where he taught aspiring DJs in his studio, into what you see today, a global online DJ school and community.

From working one to one for years in a studio Jamie has developed foolproof and systematic ways of breaking down DJ skills and techniques so you can master them! A lot of other DJ schools will show you how things work rather than teach you the creative skills needed to help you stand out from the crowd.

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The Complete Online Scratching Course

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