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Leeds music production courses with Crossfader Music academy are a step above the rest. Did you know, some of the biggest records we hear on the radio today are made in the bedrooms of producers from around the world? With advances in technology and equipment people can now make music from anywhere just using software on their laptop. We understand this new wave of technology as well as teaching the core principles of music. What we teach you can take away and carry on at home with no need to rent expensive studio spaces each time you want to produce music. If you are interested in learning how to produce electronic music, expand on your skills as a DJ and delve into the world of production then enquire at the bottom of this page.

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One to One Ableton Course


  • 10 hours of tutor-studio time.
  • Learn synthesis.
  • Understand basic theory.

This course covers all the skills you need in order to master Ableton. We will teach you the ins and outs of electronic music production including; sampling, midi, synthesis, drums and percussion. We have a detailed curriculum which can be applied to all beginners or alternatively we can tailor make this course if you have previous experience. Do you know the sound you want but haven’t a clue where to start? Then this course is for you! For full details and prices please enquire at the bottom of this page.



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Intro to Ableton – Evening Course

Aimed at beginners, this course explores Ableton, one of the most popular pieces of music production software. We will show you how to use Ableton’s specialised features to get you started in music production. From navigating the interface to using drum machines, instrumentation and effects. We will provide you with the confidence to kick-start your journey in music production. The course lasts 4 weeks consisting of 2 hour sessions each Wednesday evening. Upon starting the course we will provide you with a unique sound bank to work with both in and out of the lesson time. Everything covered in the course will be available in printed form to takeaway at the end of the lesson to practice at home. The course will be taught in a classroom with up to 6 students.

(Note you will need your own laptop to work from on this course. There is a free trial of Ableton which lasts for the duration of the course which can be downloaded just before our start date. You are also welcome to bring your own headphones however we will have some available at the studio.)


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