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Free Scratching Lesson

Course Sneak Peek!

This lesson is taken directly from our Complete Scratching Course. Each of the scratch techniques are broken down throughout the course but here we combine them to create some interesting combo's.

Are You Interested In Taking The Course?

With the aid of over 80 Crossfader Scratching Loops, plus a pack of beats and scratch samples we'll help you master the art of scratching in no time! This practical hands on course provides all the tools you will need as well as 24/7 access to the tutorial videos.

Learn everything from basic scratches to complex combo's and how to use scratching as a tool in your DJ sets!

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        1. Yeah the course is designed so that you can take it using any controller/software. We explain how to get your equipment set up for scratching at the start of the course and then the same principles apply no matter what equipment you’re using.

  1. LMTRN

    I im really interested in the course but I want to know if I can log me in at 2 devices because I want to look the videos at a seperat PC than the Laptop I use for DJing. But if I got a problem I want to watch the video at the laptop because its faster …
    And is it possible to restart the Videos over and over again for example at the next day ?
    Would be great

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