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Rekordbox DJ – How to Use the Sampler & Sequencer

Rekordbox DJ - Sampler & Sequencer

Tutorial, Demo's & Inspiration
One of my favourite features in Rekordbox DJ is the sampler and in particular sequencer performance modes. The video tutorial below explains how to use them both effectively. The sampler and sequencer are found on Rekordbox DJ enabled controllers, such as the DDJ RB, DDJ RR, DDJ RX, DDJ RZ, DDJ RZX & DDJ 1000.

After learning how to use these features, watch the following videos for ideas on how to get creative with them. At the end of this post there is a 10 minute tutorial from our Advanced Rekordbox Course breaking down one of the routines!

Rekordbox Sampler & Sequencer Tutorial

Learn how to set up and use the sampler and sequencer within Rekordbox DJ.

Rekordbox Sampler & Sequencer Ideas

This first idea takes the samples used in the tutorial video above and applies them into a mix. By layering new drums under a vocal loop you can bridge the gap and get creative between transitions.

Remixing/Remaking a Track Using Sampler & Sequencer

Here is a performance from our #SundayDJSkills video series using the Pioneer DDJ RR and samples from Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Valentino Khan Remix). Using the sequencer you can remix or remake a track and then layer new vocals over the top.

By combining different techniques such as hot cue play, effects, the sampler and sequencer you can create some really unique routines using any Rekordbox controller.
#SundayDJSkills - Pioneer DDJ RR

#SundayDJSkills - 022 - DDJ RRLearn the skills from this routine plus much more in our 'Rekordbox - Advanced DJ Course' here: https://goo.gl/g5Z2Xd

Posted by Crossfader on Saturday, 22 July 2017

Finding Your Own Samples?

If you want to learn how to capture samples from within your own library of music to be used in the sampler and sequencer check out our 'Rekordbox - Intermediate DJ Course'

Learn Advanced Routine

This tutorial for the routine featured above is taken straight form our Advanced Rekordbox Course. We have chosen to replicate the routine using the Pioneer DDJ RB. This is just to show you can still perform on the most basic Rekordbox DJ controller.

Want to learn more DJ techniques?

If you enjoyed these free DJ lessons and want to learn more check out our DJ courses.

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