Do you want to learn how to stand out from other DJs? Start using these 5 creative mixing techniques in your sets today! Learn how to perform wordplay, toneplay or resample other music in our video tutorial. Free DJ lessons available to help you become a better DJ today!

Have you ever come across two of the same song in your Serato DJ music library? Or maybe some of your tracks are showing up in orange as a missing file? Learn how to conveniently delete duplicate or missing files with this step by step guide.

You can learn to scratch with any DJ set up however you need to make sure that this setting is changed before starting. Is your crossfader curve set up correctly?

What is key lock? Want to find out what master tempo means? DJ’s make use of key lock to improve the sound of your mixes. Its a simple trick that will make a huge difference to your DJ sets.

Setting up Serato DJ with CDJs or Turntables using DVS can be a bit of a headache. Hopefully we can help you get started with this video or even troubleshoot some problems you may have already encountered.

Serato DJ is full of great shortcuts and amazing features. Let us share some of our favourites with you all! From the best keyboard shortcuts to how to set up Smart Crates and even how to half or double multiple files BPM values.

Building a music library is an essential part of being a DJ, however finding what music to download and where to download it is a minefield!

Bitrate – Tips for DJs Bitrate is something that every DJ needs to know about yet a lot of beginners don’t. Every new DJ needs to know from the start of their journey what bitrate is and what it means otherwise there could be a lot of wasted time further down the road. So what…