In this age of digital DJ’ing there are many visual aids to help us but we can’t always rely on these to be correct. Thats why every DJ needs to learn this essential skill.

How to DJ with just your laptop and no hardware! The most recent expansion pack for Serato, Serato Play allows DJs to access the softwares full potential without the need to plug in external hardware. So if this is your first time learning to DJ and you don't want to splash out on a controller,...

In this beginner’s guide to Rekordbox DJ you will learn how to import, organise and manage your music library.

In this guide we cover the absolute essentials to get you started with Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro.

In this guide we explain the essentials to get started with DJing! From importing music to connecting speakers, we help you get started!

If you’re just starting your DJ journey we’re here to break down our essential first five steps to help you along your way!

Follow this DDJ SB3 tutorial on how to use the FX Fade pad mode. This mode is really useful for beginner DJs. Watch and learn how to DJ with Crossfader!

Have you ever sat in front of your DJ equipment wondering where to start when planning a DJ set or routine? Do you need some inspiration to help you start thinking creatively about music? We’re here to give you some starting points and help you get inspired!

Learn how to DJ with your laptop for free. Master the basics with our 5 part video tutorial series and learn to DJ. All the DJing basics are covered in this extensive free course. Plus, we have a free music download pack for you to follow along step-by-step!

You can learn to scratch with any DJ set up however you need to make sure that this setting is changed before starting. Is your crossfader curve set up correctly?