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5 Tips For DJs To Stand Out In 2018

It’s the new year which means ‘a new me’…. doesn’t it? DJ’s are you planning on making 2018 your year??? Here are our top 5 tips for DJs in 2018!

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HOW TO GET DJ GIGS: Our Free Online Course

Follow our 5 part series on how to make it as a DJ right here! Our tutor Jamie Hartley openly talks about his experience in the industry, gives loads of advice and share just what you can do to start earning a living as a DJ.

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You’re not a real DJ if you don’t mix vinyl!

We regularly see quotes like ‘you’re not a real DJ if you don’t play vinyl’ or ‘if you don’t play vinyl you’re cheating’ and similar plastered across social media from a small set of older DJs who refuse to accept how the industry has progressed. Here is our response!

What is Bitrate?

Bitrate – Tips for DJs Bitrate is something that every DJ needs to know about yet a lot of beginners don’t. Every new DJ needs to know from the start (more…)