Serato releases update for Mac users, but don’t update just yet!

Serato releases update for macOS Catalina, but don’t update just yet!

Serato today announced the release of DJ Pro 2.3 and DJ Lite 1.3, both softwares now being officially supported for the latest macOS, however as you will read, upgrading just yet may not be wisest move! Let’s break down the key points about this update and what it signifies going forward.

Only some hardware is supported…

When Apple decided to update macOS to Catalina, it completely rewrote the operating system to 64 bit. The geeks amongst you will know that macs have run 64bit for a while now, but they always supported the older 32bit software. This sadly changes with the Catalina update.

Serato thankfully updated to 64bit with the release of DJ Pro, but not all the hardware manufacturers updated their drivers and this is where the problems arise. We now have to wait for 64 bit drivers to be released for hardware until Serato can fully be compatible, sadly for some older devices built by companies no longer with us, such as Vestax, it means some of their users are stuck on the older OS forever until they purchase new hardware.

Remember to check ALL the hardware you many use, as many club standard mixers currently are not!

Check the latest Catalina support news from Serato by clicking here!

Supported Hardware

● Akai Pro AMX
Denon DJ:
● Denon DJ DS-1
● Denon DJ MC4000
● Denon DJ MC7000
● Denon DJ MCX8000
● Gemini Slate 4
● Hercules DJControl Jogvision
● Mixars DUO
● Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
● Numark Mixtrack Platinum
● Numark N4
● Numark NS7III
● Numark NVII
Pioneer DJ:
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO3
● Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
● Pioneer DJ DJM-S9
● Rane Seventy-Two (control panel incompatible)
● Rane SL2 (preference pane incompatible)
● Rane SL3 (preference pane incompatible)
● Rane SL4 (preference pane incompatible)
● Reloop Beatmix 4
● Reloop Mixon 4
● Vestax VCI-380
● Vestax VCI-400
● Vestax Typhoon

Unsupported hardware

Allen & Heath:
● Allen & Heath Xone:43C
● Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
● Allen & Heath Xone:DB4
Denon DJ:
● Denon DJ MC2000
● Denon DJ MC6000 mkII
● Denon DJ X1800 Prime
● Gemini Slate
● Hercules DJControl Starlight
● Mixars PRIMO
● Mixars QUATTRO
● Novation Twitch
● Numark DJ2GO2
● Numark MixDeck
● Numark MixDeck Express
● Numark MixDeck Quad
● Numark Mixtrack Edge
● Numark Mixtrack Pro
● Numark Mixtrack Pro II
● Numark Mixtrack Quad
● Numark NS6II
● Numark NS6
● Numark NS7
● Numark NS7II
● Numark NV
● Numark Party Mix
● Numark Party Mix Pro
● Numark Scratch
● Numark V7
Pioneer DJ:
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-ERGO
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-S1
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB
● Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO
● Pioneer DJ DJM-S3
● Pioneer DJ DJM-850
● Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS
● Pioneer DJ DJM-900SRT
● Rane MP2015
● Rane Sixty-One
● Rane Sixty-Two
● Rane Sixty-Four
● Rane Sixty-Eight
● Rane TTM57mkII
● Reloop Beatmix 2
● Reloop Elite
● Reloop RMX-90 DVS
● Reloop TM4
● Roland DJ-202
● Roland DJ-505
● Roland DJ-707M
● Roland DJ-808
● Vestax VCI-100MKII
● Vestax VCI-300

What about the death of iTunes?

Great news! This update of Serato brings full support for the new Apple Music application and it also doesn’t require the user to manually export XML files either! You can update and use Apple Music playlists and library just as you did iTunes before!

Should I update?

We’d advise against updating to iOS Catalina just yet. There’s an old saying that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and when it comes to your DJ laptop, this should always be the case.

Unless you are desperate for the updates Catalina brings, it’s simply not worth the risk at the moment. Especially when popular devices such as Pioneer mixers and Numark controllers are still unsupported. We’d advise to keep checking the Serato website and your hardware manufacturers website for further updates on support.


Check the latest Catalina support news from Serato by clicking here!

Published: 21st October 2019

Serato officially supports macOS Catalina, but we still don’t recommend updating! Read this article first before you make the switch!

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