Rekordbox 5.1 Release – New Feature Overview

Rekordbox 5.1 Feature Overview

Pioneer have been hard at work developing the new Rekordbox 5.1 version of their DJ software. In this post we’re going to explore the new and notable features that have been added.

rekordbox 5.1

Rekordbox Related Tracks Update

Related tracks has been a very popular feature for Rekordbox users. If you have never used it before check out our detailed video on how to set it up here.

However Pioneer DJ have now improved this feature and taken it to the next level. By adding lots of new parameters to choose form while also allowing you to save related tracks playlists. Never has it been easier to get inspiration during your live sets or for planning routines!

Added features:

  • Multiple criteria options can be saved.
  • Ability to handle related tracks in tree view.
  • Key Shift: shifted key is displayed as key within performance mode. (Basically after you have shifted key the related tracks look for new tracks in that key not the original key of the song)

rekordbox related tracks

Phrase Analysis

Not only will Rekordbox analyse the bpm and key of a track, it will now analyse the phrases within that track. This helps Rekordbox to use it’s all new automix mode… read on to find out more!

rekordbox phrase analysis

Rekordbox Automix

We know this feature is going to be the big talking point of the industry for a few weeks. So the idea is you can drag and drop some of your music into the automix panel. Rekordbox then reads all the data such as the bpm, key and phrasing of the music and automatically mixes it for you….


You heard it right, Rekordbox is going to DJ for you! We’re waiting in anticipation to see how the DJ community reacts. Could this be another SYNC debate again? Remember no computer can read a crowds reaction… so a DJ performing live is always going to have the upper hand!

We’ve quickly tested it out and have to say its a very very basic tool. It doesn’t always get the phrasing right and the mix is taken care of very quickly. The blend sounds very obvious and if the bpm’s are too far apart it doesn’t bother matching them or make a transition. We would say this feature is great for leaving a playlist on as background music at an event or party when you’re not actually DJing!

rekordbox automix

New Beat FX

Introducing the new beat FX within Rekordbox DJ. These include the Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Tri and Low Cut Echo.

All featured on the new Pioneer DDJ 1000 controller but also available to load into your FX banks to utilise on our current controller.

The Mobius Saw & Tri are both synthesised sounds that you can pitch up and down without needing an audio signal. These could be useful for build ups. The enigma jet is another frequency style effect like a flanger and phaser combined together. The low cut echo does what it says on the tin. Cut the bass and apply an echo all with one effect!

new rekordbox fx

Instant Doubles

One for the turntablist DJs! Now you can drag and drop the JOG onto the opposite deck and not just the track title. This makes life a lot easier when performing those beat juggling routines!

Rekordbox Lyric

One for the mobile DJs or visual DJs. The all new Rekordbox lyric plus pack that has been added allows DJs to synchronise lryic animations live within Rekordbox video while mixing on the fly. This is a paid subscription service and we’re still yet to test how well it actually works. Very interesting addition however!

Pioneer RB-DMX1 – New Lighting System (Available mid February with Rekordbox 5.2)

Another product from the Pioneer DJ camp. The new Pioneer RB-DMX1 connects to your laptop and Rekordbox. It reads the bpm and song data then sends that to a DMX enabled light rig for an all new lighting experience. This could make a mobile DJs set up look all that more professional. Pre program your own light shows and let Rekordbox trigger it while you concentrate on mixing. You can even trigger your lights right from the hardware via the performance pads. Pretty cool!

We’re really excited to put the new Rekordbox 5.1 to the test and see how it performs over the next few weeks. Check back for a video review soon!

What do you think about the new Rekordbox 5.1?

Drop any comments below.

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Published: 18th January 2018

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