Phase DJ Update To Version 5

MWM update Phase with Version 5.0

Phase, the wireless DVS solution by MWM, has just received a massive update in preparation for Serato HID status. With reliability issues plaguing the initial launch of the device, this update reworks some key area’s. It brings much-requested features along with an updated application for both Mac and Windows.

Here’s what you need to know about version 5.0, a strongly recommended update that includes over 70 changes! 

MWM Phase

Here’s what’s new:

1. An extensive rework of the radio communication protocol:

Phase decided to totally rework the radio communication between the Remotes and Receiver to ensure a stronger signal, and to maintain a seamless experience while using Phase regardless of the environment.

2. A new Remote shutdown feature:

After several users’ inquiries regarding the Remotes’ shutdown, now the Remotes will turn off immediately when they are placed in the Receiver decks and this gets disconnected. Instead of the previous 1 minute timer, you can now simply place your Remotes in the Receiver and unplug it for an immediate Remote shutdown.

3. More stable pairing and Remote detection systems:

These improvements guarantee fast data processing between the Receiver and the Remotes, help to solve the occasional issue of unrecognized Remotes and provide a more accurate connection status of the Remotes in real-time.

4. A more reliable calibration process: 

Phase have applied a new process to fix issues with Remotes undergoing calibration randomly both within the Receiver or while being used. This will help us guarantee a more reliable performance.

5. Resolution of minor issues and bugs:

This firmware update also allowed Phase to fix minor bugs and issues occasionally experienced by users such as unresponsive Remotes and problems with Phase detection when connected via USB, which have been taken care of.

If you wish to know more technical details about this new firmware version, here is the entire detailed list of the changes, new features and improvements added in this update.


How to Update Phase

Upgrade now by downloading Phase Manager directly from MWM’s website.

Published: 2nd July 2020

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