Gate Playback on Rekordbox – Did you know?

The hot cue behaviour on Rekordbox performance mode acts identical to a CDJ. That being when the track is paused, pressing any hot cue will jump the track to that point and then continue to play from that point. However DJ’s that are used to Serato might find this a little strange. With Serato the Hot Cues simply jump to that point in the track and only play if you continue to hold down the hot cue. This method is called Gate playback.

The hot cue setting can be found under the controller tab in Preferences.

CDJ and XDJ users are stuck to the traditional Pioneer method but Rekordbox Performance mode users can actually choose between these two methods. To change to Gate Playback, first head to the Rekordbox preferences. From there click controller and scroll down to HOT CUE and select the gate when paused option. Now you have Gate playback on your hot cues just like Serato users. This will work with CDJ’s and XDJ players if you use them in HID mode connected to the Rekordbox software in Performance mode.