Denon SC5000 Prime – More Than Just a Review!

Denon SC5000 Prime Player

The new SC5000 player from Denon has caused quite a sir in the DJ industry. The company has gone into attack mode against Pioneer and their ‘industry standard’ CDJ range. With a campaign based around their slogan #ChangeYourRider, and Laidback Luke as an ambassador for the new product, they really mean business.

Denon SC5000 above

More Than Just A Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new SC5000 player, along with the X1800 mixer. We only had both products for a limited time but it’s safe to say we were impressed. Rather than create another review video to add to the hundreds of others out there on the internet, we thought the question that really needed answering is how do these players perform? Do they stand up to a club/resident DJ? Do they deserve a place in the DJ booths around the world? How creative can you actually be on the players and do they respond how they should when you’re actually playing on them?

Planning a Performance on the Denon SC5000 Prime

To answer these questions we thought what better way than to put the players through their paces. We decided to create a short club routine on them using 5 or 6 tracks and aim to make the most of all the features Denon has packed into these players. Lets stop talking about what they do and actually use them.

We’re a DJ school that aim’s to educate and help as many DJs as possible. In our ‘more than just a review’ video below we demonstrate nearly all the performance features on the players along with explaining our thought process behind the mix. We also decided to use just one player with its dual layer mode as this would go a long way in proving just how good these players potentially are! Follow along as we plan out a performance on the Denon SC5000 Prime player.


Denon SC5000 One Deck Performance Mix

Now that you have seen the thought process and planning behind the performance, lets see the mix in full.

Remember this is all done using one player. The performance would be better suited to two separate players however, to be able to pull something like this off with one is pretty extraordinary.

Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Denon SC5000 & X1800 prime.

Thanks for watching!